UV Coatings – The Quick Cure For Your Coating Problem

What is UV Curing?

UV CoatingsCure times for resinous coatings have frequently been a problem for customers that need to have a floor rehabilitated. Shutting down a floor for the length of time necessary for the curing of a resinous coating on heavily trafficked floors of industrial, manufacturing, health care, food service, retail, and other commercial operations is often just not feasible. Finding a solution to the problem of how to protect the concrete while also meeting the demands of the facility has been a real dilemma. The question is: how do you solve this problem?

The solution comes from a coating system developed by DiamaProSystems that is cured with UV light. The DiamaPro UV-HSPlus coating system cures instantly under ultraviolet light, virtually eliminating downtime for curing. This clears a major hurdle for companies that cannot shut an area down for a long time but want to rehabilitate their floor and need the protection of a coating system. Of course, the coating system must have characteristics that meet the demands of heavily trafficked floors.

Characteristics of DiamaPro UV-HSPlus

The UV-HS Plus is extremely durable; it is three times more durable than standard chemically cured epoxy or urethane. It is highly resistant to abrasion and it is ideal for heavily trafficked floors in a variety of settings.

Along with its excellent abrasion resistance, UV-HS Plus outperforms many other coatings for chemical resistance. Once cured, the system shows no signs of deterioration after a minimum of 12 hours exposure to a variety of chemicals including bleach, vinegar, gasoline, hydrochloric acid, and Skydrol®, one of the most caustic chemicals for concrete. Not only does the UV-HSPlus protect the concrete from attack, it also provides an aesthetically appealing and safe surface.

The surface shines long after the coating is put in place, resulting in a brighter, reflective surface. Even with this shine, the surface coating exceeds the National Floor Safety Institute’s standards for slip co-efficient of friction. In addition, if the surface has areas that are continuously wet and additional traction is required, a blended aluminum oxide aggregate can be added during the application process prior to curing, resulting in a safer wet walking surface.

One other surface property that is unique to the DiamaPro UV-HSPlus system is its antimicrobial properties. Microban is an EPA-registered (Environmental Protection Agency) anti-microbial technology that is integrated into the UV-HS Plus to ensure an added level of protection against stains and odor causing bacteria at the surface. Microban inhibits the growth of microorganisms by penetrating the cell wall and disrupting biochemical functions, eliminating the ability for the cells to reproduce.

What about VOCs and Maintenance?

Along with these important characteristics there are two last considerations. The first thing to consider is a concern that always comes up during the application process: emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The UV-HSPlus UV cured system has very low VOC content. The number of VOCs is far below state and federal required limits. There are no lingering odors or adverse health effects from the UV cured coating.

The second consideration is the ease of maintenance after the coating is in place. A UV-HSPlus coated floor is exceptionally easy to maintain. Only routine sweeping and either mopping or cleaning with an auto floor scrubber is necessary. Cleaning agents may be selected according to the contaminants to be removed and will not compromise the coating.

DiamaPro UV-HSPlus offers exceptional abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, service life and ease of maintenance. It can be cured instantly upon exposure to ultraviolet light and can be applied with minimal interruption of service during remodeling or restoration projects.

Learn more about our Technology

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Completed floor coating using DiamoPro UV-HSPlus
Completed floor coating using DiamoPro UV-HSPlus