Concrete Crack Repair

There’s an old saying in the concrete business that says, “Every load of concrete comes with cracks.” And while that is true of hairline cracks, more severe cracking can be serious and expensive problems if they are not repaired as early as possible.

Concrete Crack Repair

Hairline (Plastic shrinkage) cracks

Found on most floors and require no attention except for cosmetic purposes. These small hairline cracks generally run parallel to each other and occur during the curing process.

Do the business card test on hairline cracks:


  • If you cannot insert a business card into the hairline crack, you’re probably okay.


  • If you can insert a business card, the crack has the potential for causing or allowing structural damage. Contact us immediately for a complete assessment of your floor’s structural integrity.
  • If you notice that the hairline cracks are changing in size or shape,contact The MJA Company to prevent more severe damage before it occurs.
A profile of a repaired joint that allows for slight movement
A profile of a repaired joint that allows for slight movement

Structural cracks

  • Structural cracks can be caused by conditions that include movement, settling, impact, freeze-thaw, improper joints, defects in materials, improper curing, and insufficient floor thickness.
  • Structural cracking requires immediate attention to prevent additional damage and the possible need for replacement.
  • Structural cracks may cause safety hazards due to uneven surfaces.
  • Structural cracking may allow contamination from above the floor to the ground and ground water.
  • Structural cracking may allow moisture, chemicals and radon to enter the building from beneath the floor.

   Regardless of the type or severity of concrete cracking, The MJA Company is fully equipped to evaluate your floor and offer an accurate estimate for
  the repairs that are needed to prevent your floor from further damage.


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