Acid Concrete Stains

Acid Concrete Stains can be used on a variety of applications and offer many benefits:

  • Acid Concrete StainsCan be used on new or existing concrete.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
  • Can be used on patched concrete and overlays but may not blend perfectly with original floor.
  • Colors and generally limited to natural earth tones.
  • Acid concrete stains can be custom blended and diluted for a wide spectrum of colors and effects.
  • Application and cleanup require use of acids and neutralizers. Vapors during installation of acid-based stains can be hazardous and require proper ventilation during and for a period of time after installation and cleanup. There may be additional costs for proper handling and disposal.
  • Acid stains provide excellent color retention and performance. Colors are absorbed into the concrete.
  • Color is permanent and UV resistant. Highly resistant to abrasion.
  • Changing color is not possible except in rare cases where new colors are darker than original.
  • Acid stains contain corrosive and hazardous chemicals. Proper handling is required by trained personnel. Eye, skin and lung irritation is possible without proper ventilation, protective wear and safe handling.
  • Applied with sprayers, rollers, brushes, sponges, brooms or other tools, depending on the desired effect.