Polished Concrete Overview

Diamond-polished concrete floors
Diamond-polished concrete floors

  • Diamond polished concrete is one of the leading options for enhancing beauty, lowering maintenance and energy costs, all while retaining the natural beauty and slip-resistance of concrete.  Polished concrete is a proven leader in Green Building and LEED Certification.
  • Aside from concrete floors with structural damage, polished concrete is a cost-effective, and a viable option for virtually any concrete floor. You can find polished concrete in every kind of building from homes to shopping centers, manufacturing facilities to clean-room laboratories and medical centers which require dust-free environments.
  • Diamond-polished concrete’s cost of ownership is significantly lower than vinyl, carpet, and other “stick-on” flooring.
  • Designer colors and precise saw cuts may be added to polished concrete to meet the most demanding aesthetic requirements. And with a little bit of low-cost care, you can expect most diamond-polished concrete floors to deliver decades of service.