How the Diamond Polishing of Concrete is Done

  • Much like finishing a fine piece of wood, diamond polished concrete floors are made smooth and shiny through a series of polishing phases.
  • The process begins by removing any foreign materials, such as adhesives from the floor, repairing cracks, and other mechanical or cosmetic imperfections.
  • The polishing begins with coarse diamonds (16 – 20 grit) gradually moving to very fine diamonds (1,500 – 3,000 grit), The MJA Company smooths and polishes away any foreign materials and roughness that is found in natural concrete or existing concrete that may have adhesives or other contaminates on the surface. As the process continues to the fine diamonds, the level of gloss increases.
  • The MJA Company will diamond-polish the floor to your specifications and deliver the level of smoothness and gloss that you prefer.
  • During this process, special chemicals are used to harden and densify to concrete surface. This integrated sealer becomes a permanent part of the concrete, thus eliminating the need for additional sealers, polishes or waxes.