Protective Treatments

Most protective treatments used as a final step in the diamond polishing process in use today are topical sealers. These sealers are commonly referred to as “guards” and are used to improve chemical resistance and reduce water permeability of polished concrete. They will protect concrete that has been ground and polished, and treated with penetrating hardeners/densifiers from the effects of penetrating contaminates which may stain the concrete or cause the surface to deteriorate. These “guards” are cross-linked, coupled polymers that will extend the life of polished concrete floors and help to reduce maintenance cost.

The advantages of using a topical sealer:

  • Compatible with floors that have been treated with chemical hardeners and densifiers.
  • Helps to maintain the high gloss, high clarity finish of a properly ground and polished concrete floor.
  • Excellent repellency of fluids such as wine, vinegar, fruit juices and organic acids to protect the surface gloss from deterioration.
  • Excellent oil and grease repellency to resist staining.
  • Eliminates the need for floor waxes, polishes, and conventional epoxy coatings.
  • Helps to reduce maintenance costs.
  • Does not reduce the slip resistance of the concrete surface.
  • Maintains the “breathability’ of the concrete.
  • Non-flamable, non-toxic, and VOC compliant.
  • Quickly opens to traffic after application.