Oil Repellents

Oil repellents will resist the penetration of water and will slow the penetration of oil and will prevent staining from oily substances.

  • Penetrating oil repellents are water based emulsions of a combination of silane, soloxane, and synthetic polymers.
  • The oil repellents absorb into the surface and thus leave no film on the surface and are invisible once they are applied.
  • The oil repellents are low VOC.
  • The oil repellents form a long lasting treatment that retards the penetration of oil contaminants.
  • These penetrating chemicals can be used on floors treated with penetrating hardeners/densifiers and on ground and polished concrete floors.
  • Floors treated with penetrating oil repellents give you a window of opportunity to clean up oil spills and thus make your floor easier to clean and keep clean.