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  • About The MJA Company

    Concrete Floor Renovation, Polishing, Repair and Treatment

    Options for repairing, renovating, polishing, coating and and treating concrete floors are expanding and The MJA Company is committed to top-flight training and equipment to provide a full range of options to best serve business, industry, institutions, and homeowners.

    Serving commercial, industrial, retail, and residential customers, The MJA Company built its business with quality products, impressive workmanship, and responsive management.

    Your project. Our reputation.

    The MJA Company's slogan is more than words, it’s how we’ve done business since 1988. Every job, every detail, and every piece of before and after paperwork is how you will judge us. And when your reputation is on the line, you always bring your “A-Game.” Expect nothing less on your next concrete project.

    The MJA Company’s craftsmen and technicians are Certified and Factory-Approved installers of diamond polished floors, epoxy floor systems, and penetrating sealers among many other concrete floor treatments.

    The MJA Company is a Member of the Concrete Polishing Association of America (CPAA) and Western New York’s only ANSI accredited WACH (Walkway Auditor Certificate Holder) with extensive training and certification from the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI).

    If we say we can do it, we can. It’s never a guess.

    All too often, companies are tempted to take on projects that they are not equipped or trained to handle. When that happens, everyone loses. Fortunately, you don't have to worry about that with us.

    The MJA Company thoroughly reviews every project, including those items that may not be obvious at the outset, to be certain that the project is within our scope of expertise and capability. And while there are very few concrete floor projects that we are not equipped to handle, we'll be the first to let you know if you would be better served by someone else — and we'll let you know who will serve you best.

    If our approach seems to be counter to everything you've learned about sales, we hold fast to our  slogan: "Your project. Our reputation."

    Whether your concrete surface is in a huge distribution center, a busy shop, or a home garage, The MJA Company is fully equipped to understand and complete almost any concrete project.

    Satisfied customers represent millions of square feet of concrete surface.


  • Concrete Floor Training and Certifications

    • NFSI (National Floor Safety Institute) Certified Walkway Auditor.
    • CPAA (Concrete Polishing Association of America) Tradesman Certification.
    • CPAA Craftsman Certification.
    • OSHA Recordkeeping.
    • OSHA 10 Certification.
    • OSHA 30 Certification.
    • Respiratory Safety Training – Lovell.
    • OSHA Hearing Protection
    • Hand and Power Tool Safety
    • Fire Safety Certificate.
    • Recordkeeping & workplace violence.
    • Powered Industrial Truck Training & Evaluation
    • Lovell – Certificate of Achievement “No reportable Workers Compensation Claims for year”, multiple years.
    • Workers Comp Group
    • Annual Hearing Tests
    • Annual Respirator Fit Tests
    • Aerial Lift and Forklift Training
    • Quartery Safety Meetings

    • Workers Comp Group
    • Annual Hearing Tests
    • Annual Respirator Fit Tests
    • Federal & NY State Reporting
    • DOT Medical Certifications
    • IS Net World: Safety and Insurance Compliance
    • Construction Exchange of Buffalo and Western New York
    • Rochester Business Alliance

    Industry Training:

    • Laticrete-L&M Construction Chemicals
    • Euclid
    • L.M. Scofield
    • Sherwin-Williams General Polymers.
    • Sika Industrial Flooring
    • Metzger / McGuire
    • Prosoco
    • World of Concrete – Fundamentals of Concrete and Basis
    • World of Concrete – Crack Repair.
    • World of Concrete – Master Certificate in Decorative Concrete
    • Versatile Building Products – Concrete Floor Coating Workshop
  • Concrete Expertise


    • Concrete Crack Repair
    • Control/Contraction Joint Filling and Saw-Cut Filling
    • Concrete Surface Repair
    • Polishable Overlays for Concrete
    • Terrazzo Restoration
    • Concrete Leveling

    Concrete Floor Maintenance

    • Concrete Sealers
    • Concrete Crack Repair
    • Control Joint and Saw Cut Filling
    • Concrete Floor Sealers
    • Salt, Water, and Chemical Protection

    Terrazzo Restoration and Simulation

    • Terrazzo Repair and Restoration
    • Terrazzo Sealers
    • Simulated Terrazzo
    • Exposed Aggregates


    • Certified Walkway Auditor, National Floor Safety Institute

    Concrete Polishes and Color

    • Diamond-polished concrete floors
    • Integrated color for new concrete floors
    • Concrete staining and dyes for existing concrete floors
    • Epoxy coatings deliver brilliant color, chemical resistance and built-in safety
    • Polyaspartics: The next generation of concrete floor coatings
    • Concrete Floor Coatings and Systems
    • Epoxy floor systems
    • Traditional Urethane floor systems
    • UV Cured Urethane floor systems
    • Polyester floors systems
    • Acrylic floor systems


    • Member: Concrete Polishing Association of America




    It's one thing to tell you what we can do. It's quite another to show you what we've done.

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