Polishable Overlays for Concrete

Polishable Overlays for ConcretePolishable overlays are used to repair or enhance concrete floors.  The materials and techniques used in concrete overlays are relatively new to the industry.  Specialized training is required to determine the type over overlay that will work best for a particular application and also for the proper installation of overlays.

Regardless of the amount of experience a concrete contractor may have, the specific training, expertise, and technologies for concrete overlays are highly specialized.  Not all concrete professionals are qualified to install concrete overlays. Always check credentials specific to concrete overlays before proceeding.

Polished concrete floors are easy to maintain and very attractive. But there are some cases in which the original floor surface may have imperfections or damage that prevent concrete polishing. (Tack holes from previous carpet installation and removal, surface spalling and delamination, and large repairs are examples.)

Regardless of how much polishing is done, the problem areas will still be apparent. To remedy these problems, polishable overlays are used to conceal damage and return the floor to  a smooth, seam-free finish, ready for polishing.

If your floor is damaged, but you still want polished concrete, polishable overlays may be the best option for you.

The MJA Company is specially trained in the art and science of concrete overlays.

Decorative, polishable overlays are used to enhance all or portions of concrete floors. Colors, and exposed aggregates can be added to the overlay to give you precisely the look you want.

In all cases, small test areas should be completed before committing to large areas.

Polishable overlay Photo: L&M Construction Chemicals


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