Hardeners & Densifiers

This chemical reaction Hardeners & Densifiers
  • Hardeners/densifiers are compounds formulated as a clear water-based liquid containing sodium or lithium silicates.
  • Hardeners/densifiers penetrate the surface of concrete and become a permanent part of the concrete through a chemical reaction within the near surface wear layer of the concrete.
  • Hardeners/densifiers harden the concrete near surface wear layer and thus increase abrasion resistance.
  • Hardeners/densifiers penetrate into the surface and thus have no effect on the slip resistant properties of the concrete.
  • With proper maintenance, over time, properly installed hardeners/densifiers can provide an attractive reflective sheen to concrete floors.
  • Due to the hardening of the near surface wear layer hardeners/densifiers will reduce dusting of the concrete surface.
  • Hardeners/densifiers can substantially reduce tire marks produced by forklifts on warehouse concrete floors.
  • Hardeners/densifiers penetrate into the surface and chemically react within the surface filling the microscopic channels within the surface of the concrete and thus slows the absorption of liquids and gives you a window of opportunity to clean up spills before staining occurs.
  • Hardeners/densifiers densify the concrete surface and slow the absorption chlorides used in deicing, helping to prevent corrosion and moisture penetration.
  • Since penetrating hardeners/densifiers do not create a film on the surface of concrete, the concrete remains breathable.
  • Penetrating concrete hardeners/densifiers are not affected by UV light.