Concrete Dyes

Concrete Dyes can be used on a variety of applications and offer many benefits:

  • Concrete DyesCan be used on new or existing concrete.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, however some concrete dyes have limited UV resistance and may fade over time.
  • Can be used on patched concrete and overlays but may not blend perfectly with original floor.
  • Virtually unlimited color choices.
  • Can be custom mixed and blended for additional color and effects.
  • Application is relatively easy. Dyes are absorbed into the concrete surface and very little cleanup is required.
  • Excellent color retention and performance. Colors are absorbed into the concrete.
  • Color is permanent and UV resistant. Highly resistant to abrasion.
  • Changing color is not possible except in rare cases where new colors are darker than original.
  • Solvent based dyes are flammable and may contain contain corrosive and hazardous chemicals. Proper handling is required by trained personnel. Eye, skin and lung irritation is possible without proper ventilation, protective wear and safe handling. Proper ventilation is required during and for a period of time after installation. May present hazardous conditions in occupied spaces.
  • Water based dyes are recommended for occupied areas and where adequate ventilation is not available.
  • Applied with sprayers, rollers, brushes, sponges, brooms or other tools, depending on the desired effect.