Effectiveness of Concrete Hardeners

What is different in this picture of a section of a warehouse that has very heavy forklift traffic? The only difference is that the “clean” concrete section was treated with a concrete densifier.

Effectiveness of concrete hardeners

How does the densifier work. A liquid densifier penetrates the concrete surface and chemically reacts with molecules within the concrete to seal, dustproof, densify, and harden the wear surface of the concrete. The treatment of a concrete floor with a densifier will decrease the marking of the floor by the forklift tires, reduce absorptiveness, reduce dusting, and increase the strength of the wear surface.  The densifier leaves no film that would wear off and will not alter the natural, high traction texture of the concrete floor.

We treated a small section to show the effectiveness of hardeners.  The mock-up square was thoroughly cleaned before it was treated.  After the treatment the warehouse maintenance staff cleaned the warehouse floor each day as they had been doing prior to the treatment.  The picture was taken three months after the concrete was treated with the concrete floor densifier.

If you’d like to learn more about how concrete densifiers can improve the strength and wear resistance of your floors, please contact us.