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Terrazzo Restoration

Terrazzo is a composite floor material that dates back to Venetian mosaic workers of  the 15th century.

Think of terrazzo as a very beautiful, expensive and durable "concrete stew" made of Portland cement and various types of aggregates which may include chips of marble, granite, metals, and glass. In some cases, areas of terrazzo are separated by thin metal strips.

Over time, terrazzo floors can chip and wear from abrasion, impact, chemicals, and variations in temperature. The sheen of terrazzo can deteriorate over time, even through normal use.

The MJA Company's technicians are specially trained to restore the classic beauty of terrazzo floors to like-new or better-than-new condition with patching, diamond polishing and optional sealing. The cost of terrazzo restoration is far less than replacement.

Options for terrazzo restoration are:

• Repair,

• Repair and diamond polish,

• Repair, diamond polish and seal.

In most cases, we recommend that terrazzo be sealed after restoration to prevent staining and reduce maintenance costs.

The MJA Company is fully equipped to evaluate your floor and offer an accurate estimate for repair, restoration and treatment of terrazzo floors.

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