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* Source: Annual cost and causes of injuries: National Floor Safety Institute.

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How will you react if someone sustains an injury as a result of a slip-and-fall accident in your building?

Covering medical expenses, paying for expensive litigation, apologies and regret don't change what has already happened. You can't turn back time.

You may have a plan for how you will react after an accident, but wouldn't make more sense to be proactive and create a prevention plan before an accident happens?

The MJA Company is New York's only Certified National Floor Safety Institute's (NFSI) Walkway Auditor. As such, we perform tests in compliance with ANSI/NFSI B101.0.2012 standards.

The MJA Company is Western New York’s only ANSI accredited WACH (Walkway Auditor Certificate Holder) with extensive training and certification from the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI).

ANSI B101.0.2012 / NFSI National Floor Safety Institute

Certified Walkway Audits

  •   ANSI/NFSI B101.0.2012 Standards accredited WACH (Walkway Auditor Certificate Holder)
  •   NFSI Certified Testing
  •   Pre-Design Consultation
  •   New Floors
  •   Existing Floors
  •   All Floor Surfaces
  •   New Building Commissioning

Contact The MJA Company for details about ANSI B101.0.2012 / NFSI Certified Walkway Audits. Call 716-831-7091

"Property owners can now accurately measure and document compliance with the ANSI B101 national safety standards and reduce slip-and-fall events."

- Brent Johnson, Chief Auditor Traction Auditing and Chairman of the B101.0 Subcommittee

More about The National Floor Safety Institute

According to the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) B101 committee on Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention has released the latest in its line of walkway safety standards. The ANSI/NFSI B101.0-2012 “Walkway Surface Auditing Procedure for the Measurement of Walkway Slip Resistance” has established the first-ever procedure for evaluating the slip-and-fall potential for almost any type of walkway, and will serve as an important tool for employers, property owners and insurers to accurately measure and mitigate their slip and fall risk.

"This standard was more than six years in the making, and reflects a lot of hard work by many people representing a wide range of industries,” says Brent Johnson, Chief Auditor of Traction Auditing and the Chairman of the B101.0 Subcommittee. “Through the use of this walkway auditing standard, property owners can now accurately measure and document compliance with the ANSI B101 series of national safety standards and in the end reduce the number of slip-and-fall events.”

With falls being the leading cause of emergency room visits in the US, many companies are desperately searching for a solution to this problem. The ANSI/NFSI B101.0 standard was based on the NFSI’s Walkway Auditing Guideline (WAG) which - for the past six years - the NFSI has used as the standard educational guideline for the NFSI’s Walkway Auditor Certification program.

Business owners are encouraged to audit their walkways to identify risk of a slip-and-fall, and in-turn to reduce associated and mounting costs.

Dave Ludwin, Director, General Liability Risk Control with CNA Insurance stated: “By using the new ANSI/NFSI B101.0-2012 Walkway Surface Auditing Procedure along with the ANSI wet SCOF (Static Coefficient of Friction) and wet DCOF (Dynamic Coefficient of Friction) test methods, insurance, risk and safety professionals can close the loop on increasing the safety of facilities thereby protecting employees and customers and ultimately the bottom line.”

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