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Concrete Floor Maintenance

You can extend the life, increase the performance, lower maintenance costs and enhance the appearance of concrete floors with expert concrete floor maintenance from The MJA Company.


Concrete floor sealers, tailored to your specific needs

Concrete sealers are used to add life, luster, and beauty to decorative concrete floors. Sealers also help to resist staining and contamination, increase abrasion resistance, and lower cleaning and maintenance costs.

The MJA Company will help you determine the best sealers for your concrete floor.

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Photo: FGS-Permashine, LATICRETE International

Protect concrete floors from salt, water, and chemicals

Since concrete is porous, raw, untreated concrete can absorb liquids like a sponge. Water, salt, chlorides and other liquid chemicals have the potential for spalling and scaling of the surface. When the concrete surface is compromised, the aggregates become exposed and deterioration begins.

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The Concrete Floor Report.

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